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Oranges in February of thin 20 catties of weight loss secret

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Oranges are also able to let you have, be a skinny beauty! Orange diet to help you lose weight fast-acting, healthy weight-loss! want to be skinny beauty’s come take a look at this simple quick weight loss diet of oranges! together health lose weight!

Orange bright color Yen , skin thin juicy, sweet and sour nutrition delicious, the volume containing dimension C higher fruit.Is the current market out of the most popular green fruit, it is primarily a Navel orange, Orange, blood orange rock candy and 士橙 American novelty, they all the same weight-reducing effect for our free choice.Their level of maturity for each of the 3-minute in November, oranges, let us once, a thin on Earth!

Oranges are referred to as ” “ healing, 佳果, rich in vitamin c, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, beta-carotene and citric acid, hesperidin and aldehydes, alcohol and substance leukotrienes, etc.Orange Multifiber low cards, with natural sugar, instead of a dinner or candy, cakes, cookies, and so the best choice for dessert, Aeromonas sweet and had to lose weight to oranges to satisfy your sweet desires.Along with oranges, rich in fiber has helped a number of food which can reduce the accumulated toxic.

No.The daily diet of oranges 1

After getting up breakfast drink 1 cup plus a small amount of warm water, salt and then eat one egg + 1 bowl of porridge.

Lunch 1 Bowl vegetable soup + 1 piece + 1 bowl of rice.Afternoon are hungry and have 1 orange juice 1 cup or.

On the evening of 1 disc vegetarian dishes + 1 bowl of rice.1 hour after eating one of oranges.

People in many different ways can be above, whether you order to lose weight or to keep fit! vegetables can be matched according to their own preferences, but try not to eat more food oil , also need to get some extensor extensor arm and leg to create enduring slim!

Suitable for people: particularly suitable for the orange peel-obesity in mm.

Experience: a reader’s sister so ” “ suck and found myself in two weeks is not only the thin, but also more glossy! want to be beautiful you don’t try it really is a pity!

No.Single-acting 2 oranges weight loss

A breakfast of eggs and tomatoes, a cup of freshly squeezed juice.

Lunch and a bowl of steaming eggs, tomato soup 1 bowls, a 鲜橙.

Afternoon tea is a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Dinner cooked egg tomato a, an, a 鲜橙.

In adopting this weight when I had better not eat other kinds of food, drink clear water.Between meals can be combined with a glass of freshly squeezed juice or a vegetable salad.In addition, this menu is available only for four days, and then stop after two weeks.Stop by the time you can green vegetables and fruit.

Suitable for people: to quickly downsized sisters were all appropriate.

Experience: a pretty woman in the Editorial Department together with the adoption of white vinegar, this method two months lost 20 catties, amazing speed and let us make you thin, so now recommend to my sisters.Remember to refrain, fat off quickly.

No.3 oranges health weight loss soup

Orange single health weight loss

Raw materials: Orange Ginger l000 grams, 50 g, sandalwood, 25 grams of salt in the late 20 g, the late 50 g of licorice.

Practice: Orange potatoes cut for Tablet, ginger slices, and then fried with water, and after 30 minutes you can put in more spice.

This soup can Foom Qi, elimination of obesity.Taking 1 Bowl at a time, three times a day.In taking this soup to keep the joy, the whole body is feeling the best sweating.

Suitable for people: mm medium obesity.

Experience: I put the formulation presented to a company’s , it is said that beauty, together with five MM.Two months ‘ time, there are three lost 15, a 12-Jin, an 8-Jin.It seems that this comparison also weight-reducing effect.

: the cause of obesity and digestive disorders and accumulation of , waste and fat.Acid-base equilibrium can improve the body’s digestion, absorption, metabolism and excretion system, but that there must be aware of before eating food is acidic and alkaline or neutral.Orange and which it before or on an empty stomach consumed of organic acids contained oranges will boost the stomach gastric mucosa.Oranges within 1 hour before and after do not drink milk because the protein in milk will be solidified encountered, affecting the alpha hydroxy acid digestion and absorption of

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