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Female ” “ tutorial yanDeli and HIV and AIDS are psychological metamorphosis

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Female ” “ and HIV and AIDS in the Bodleian event (detailed tutorial)


Women and HIV and AIDS — — Yan Deli is psychological metamorphosis

The old tutorial Deli has beautiful yearning for many men, but like the God of pestilence nowadays, all the people are afraid and her AttachedTo.In her blog that announced a total of 279 and she had a sexual relationship of man’s phone number.

In her more QQ, there are four more of her sexual intercourse with each a man’s sexual intercourse pictures and video, this poor woman in her life has a dark corner of such a declaration: “ my life now that you have broken, ” rotten out fame!

And moves on unscathed tutorial in the Bodleian

“ I don’t regret it, these solemn airs men are my plaything.In the Bodleian ” yan, said that she was the revenge, “ can’t let them so Soyo, I am very proud of their own choosing.

In the face of its mind and published number tutorial deli very frankly to: “ my daily still leaving HIV infection to not the same as men.

This is simply “ network retaliation, we inadvertently become a victim.” a published phone numbers friends claimed he was innocent.There is also a net friend said that the virus body after ” “ indeed, to go through the window period and silent period there has been a syndrome is the process of tutorial on AIDS and HIV and AIDS in the Bodleian. women encounter death threats.

If this tutorial deli haven’t psychological metamorphosis, that there is no mental patients in the world.

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