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Small face reshaping six security premise

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Small face reshaping six security premise: Makes the small face reshaping the female are getting more and more, but the reshaping expert hugs regarding this by the anxiety condition. In order to let each position strive for the US success to change the facial features. Slightly arranges suggested that you have a look to make the small face reshaping first six security premise.

First, first chooses the big hospital
The facial features revision is a difficulty quite high orthopedic surgery surgery, at present in domestic can develop this surgery’s doctor quite to be relatively also few, concentrates in the big Specialized hospital or the sanchia hospital. Is quite generally short in my courtyard this kind of surgery time, in the technique bleeds are very few, after the technique, the complication and the surgery risk with in undergoes the general surgery, after the technique, the effect nature, the surgery satisfaction rate reach above equally 98%.

Second, the small face reshaping’s six security premise chooses experienced doctor
Chooses one to have solid orthopedic surgery foundation doctor to be able to reduce the fault rate greatly. Tells doctor you the request, the occupation, the hobby as well as you thought that the beautiful standard, this is very important. Because each person the view is different to US, after the good communication may reduce the technique medical trouble dispute.

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