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Weltgeschen Iran, village people, # CN4Iran-free connection washbum push

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evolution is extremely well, last night I had reached a climax. As last time protest against Iran people make network technology, through the village people, YouTube, etc 2.0 media dynamic publishing in any form. In just a few hours, the Iranian revolution (# iranelection) has become a hot topic among one of the village people. Following, is # CN4Iran- Chinese friends pushing toward the support of the protesters. (no code screen shots)

The Iranian people on a free and democratic longingand trying to push the Chinese friends of passion. In the great wall blocking firewall Twitter.com is now, Chinese push friends in a short time the # CN4Iran into the hot topic dengbang, push territories is a spectacle. It even ran across the cameupto Google yesterday’s popular searches the front of the screen shots (no code). In this on behalf of my people and 64 billion Chinese people, thanks to Chinese village in those good too foul language of praise good programmers, as well as village culture/technology promotion of “. ” violence for the migrant workers

It is still in progress, please log in village people concerned about # CN4Iran.

Here’s the on this incident so far of the sorting and analysis.

The Act of pushing the “friends of Iran:

1. Publish the latest news & events
Including networks, cell phones, etc comrmunication control, victims, police, armed forces deployed throughout the country, several of the Embassy of the people’s help on Iran
2. Content integrations
Include text (in English, Farsi, pinyinhome), pictures, videos
3. Liaison with the world
Including Chinese friends thanks to push and encourage China to fight for your freedom, where there is a be repeatedly RT is “ in addition to the revolution, the Chinese people can create anything, they’re now in the village people see us, and on the Learn how we (the general idea) ” and “ come on Chinese, learning from Iran, as well as your free fighting ”. There are a large number of ” and “ “ Thanks xie xie ”.

The Act of Chinese friends to push:

1. Live velory Iran
Includes RT was translated into Chinese, Persian, and even human translation
2. Solidarity with the people of Iran
In the Chinese, English, and in itself, of solidarity with the Iranian people as they regreased
3. Passion is to raise awareness within
Many push friends where ” “ truth village people view, pengpai, Iranian regreased regreased for yourself at the same time, his country for his !

Other sounds

1. Many English friends on # CN4Iran presumption of surprise or doubt
One is the CN4Iran of the list, some people do not understand why the other is the Chinese Government began to impose controls on the Internet, many users to its still break through the blockade, and called the CN4Iran.
2. English-language media such as CNN reports this incident quickly, including # CN4Iran
3. The mainland media slow, a little good
Taiwan push friends foreman kin irony Taiwan some place was known as “ real-time ” “ village of media: kaminoseki dedicated to providing the news of Iran have been boiling boiling Cy Young CY young, some flight information in Taiwan “instant” news website still estate. Information of the time difference in genetic expression (CB) radio at the moment. ”
4. There is also a Japanese friends concerned about the presumption of # Iran/CN4Iran event
5. ……

Summary of comments

1. Village people-in particular, the new technology is terrible ” “ “, ” so Iran election is the first topic village people-2009
Even rumours that village people-in the early part of the time was the Government’s so-called attack is Iran.
But at the same time, the village people-packets, this is it one of the reasons are great. Just as a friend said: the presumption of village people-seal, and sow the meeting tree. 艾未 is not, Mr FUNG is Tiger, long-term 连岳 and others active in the village and the stability of a large number of followers. This shows some of the time, fertilizer and water will anyone other than a field.
But whereas with the Chinese side, the site is difficult to live, not to speak of village people-such a killer, great application.
2. Have a passion for freedom and democracy and oppose the autocracy — any place that people are so
As Iran’s poetry as “ you can destroy the flowers, but you can’t stop the spring’s arrival. Each tree in the flowers you crush, we will. ”
Yes, we are sowing. At this point we are brothers and sisters.
3. In addition to the causes, transmission in the presence of the very important
First of all, the reason that this event was so strongly communication, communication because of its universal are fighting for their fundamental rights.
But was strong in the diffusion of another reason that is feeling is also very important, it means (seconds seconds) an efficient (immediate response) variety (instant pictures, video).
Presence of the other idea is that it seems relevant to you, you easily into the scene. 5000,000, although the relevant information is also not massive, but still. Of course, at that time, the Chinese also village people is not very great, but I think even now one more time, Iran still win, this is because the underlying message level.
4. This Iran on Chinese push great encouragement of friends
I feel that it has strengthened the friends on the presumption of village people-accordiyg as well as on the strong belief of freedom and democracy. At the same time it also provides some useful experience. Washbum (stepped up efforts to push the two countries in the “friends of friendly …)

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