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The Queen’s peace of mind “c” pants popular Asia moment into a sexy new favorite electro

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C字裤女王安心亚电永邦 搓掉萧蔷挤走瑶瑶

Peace of mind, Asia recently star, first from crowded babe magnet shot at once walked away prospective yaoyao then adapted to the silver, Tien Lee before taking a fad, Sinorama also found her one day and singer 永邦 and one small bottom di ” “ Pyongyang’s nuclear programme.

Feel at ease to wear trousers for people “c”, first from crowded go ” “ sister yaoyao representative of glasses and aunt ” “ out and adapted to the silver and Tien Lee away mahjong games advertising money million reward open star transportation good fortune, and the babe magnet followed up!, Asia-Pacific Edition of Sinorama, who may have witnessed throughout the day and 永邦, as well as at the end of another small additional di incredibly busy.It is learnt that 永邦 is well disposed to her very often an entertainer sings through lots of comments, and she met in person, and quietly, a suspect ” “ wing on brewing at the same time, she became more interested check under the singer.

C字裤女王安心亚电永邦 搓掉萧蔷挤走瑶瑶

Rest easy in Asia since became Queen c “pants, and all of sudden, has become the new darling of the sexy.

The umbrella night will come

11 this month, and it lasts for evening at eight in the evening, peace of mind of Taipei’s Asia from Nanjing Xi Lu new light finish Mitsukoshi window shopping street, go straight to the Lutheran Eslite in an hour, the Asia-Pacific and the 永邦 easily dress up, from Lutheran Eslite walked out of the 永邦, and highlighted areas were wearing the truck caps, two people were still under an umbrella, sweetly in the Hsinyi District, then the flyover to Hsin-Yi to show on the first floor of the coffee bar dinner.

Dining, 永邦 was considerate squeeze for peace of the Asia-Pacific, the Asia-Pacific paste seized the opportunity to come up with is to listen to MP3, and 永邦 永邦 start talked up music, feel at ease in a session open to have interest and 永邦 are very close at this time, the duo felt over the phone about night half past ten Bell, they run out of meal is all the way to leave and 永邦 of the peace for peace of the Asia-Pacific with an umbrella.

Subsequently, the car is docked at the 永邦 Yan Oi Road, and peace of mind, get off at the Asia-Pacific umbrella, but forgot to 永邦 open out the window and yell: “ umbrella also ” in the car!Rest easy in the Asia-Pacific laugh back into an umbrella, then take to the road at Yan Oi brokerage companies.

It is understood that in August this year, the Asia-Pacific Beat MV on that day, 永邦 is the first time the two of them met in person.Prior to this, 永邦 only read her most of the National Congress Party, only think this looks lovely girl is very funny, and later saw her for the filming is wearing the pants “c” photographs was surprised that she should be so sexy, 永邦 in the planning of shooting the tears of the theme song for nonfiction for the devil, the female protagonist MV immediately find peace of mind to the Asia-Pacific cooperation.

MV, fans response is good, it was reported that 永邦 favorite peace of mind of the Asia out of the bath lenses, Lucy back to your friends has boasted of his private said: Although the back is “ cat out of the peace Annas face looks very pure.” doesn’t hide his appreciation of the peace of mind.

Later, 永邦 know peace of mind to think of the Asia-Pacific made a separate record, and talk about.August 7 his new album released on that day, will be held at ease ya been invited, and the peace of the Asia-Pacific Platform also gave 永邦 face, in morak Typhoon blown on the day of baoru charging that he wore to attend.

永邦 on peace of mind I have partaken of the Asia-Pacific seems to have confidence in the press conference that she is still been 永邦 and twist “nonfiction for chorus and the roof of a 永邦 can vary widely in praise of the peace of the Asia-Pacific: “ sings ” than 瑶瑶 good!永邦 also said that the two people have further the relationship between the “. ”

As a result of our friends have revealed that 永邦 永邦 a few years ago and the former agent season in flat financial disputes was PRM, 永邦 a 陈明真 sentence quarter teacher took two people locked up in a recording to be alone for twenty minutes, 存证 陈明真 to send out letters, sixty-five 气躁 永邦 really upset, but mere peace of mind, and he was in all.It is understood that peace of Asia have the opportunity to check-in his Chu really international entertainment, become a singer.

“ “c” pants Queen ” feel at ease to two months ago, in the 永邦 theme song “gays the Devil’s tears in the friendship that MV performances, and which at the same time falling in love with enamored of three men, and although women know she 永邦 split in a chain, but we’ll still love her.Reality, ” “ wing on love for everyone seems to have a spectrum of story, and we simply that they met each other at a number of occasions, was to meet for dinner, on the pretext of having it also on.

C字裤女王安心亚电永邦 搓掉萧蔷挤走瑶瑶

On 11 October 20: 10 were wearing the truck caps at ease Asia (left) and 永邦 (right) appear in the Lutheran show, two people in a moment, while talking and laughing.

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