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Loses weight: Looks at the korea star losing weight unique skill

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Lead: For the slender beautiful fascinating’ winsome’s figure, is putting on the popular fashion dew back, the dew shoulder, the dew arm attire. The body has a required course in the entertainment world size star, is maintains the stature. Is good with the congenital condition, those who only need the science to lose weight is different, many stars lose weight losing weight “to overstate”, its method “brutal”, “strange” the degree makes one stare dumbfounded. Now has a look at the South Korean stars to lose weight the secret!

1st: Valuable


Valuable has 22 inches waists. “Number one” season fat whistling valuable once dipped the hot pepper sauce in the song through the undaria pinnatifida to eat loses weight. Compares with other methods, the jumping ballet can reduce many meats, and may foster the straight posture. The ballet to subtracts the lower limb obese also very much to have the effect.

2nd: Asia by US, Shen Xian is handsome, Li Xiuying

Asia by US

They have lose weight uniquely the secret person. Asia had done by US, in sole food loses weight the experience which in the law the famous corn loses weight is defeated. However after having done the half-length bath loses weight, her appearance becomes changed beyond recognition. What Shen Xianjun with is the coffee loses weight the law. However drinks the coffee, but uses the coffee to come the sausage. The people said that Li Xiuying lost weight many became recently attractive. Li Xiuying said that as if is because she does warm-heartedly “prayed”, therefore only then turns such, makes the people to be very surprised.

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Small face reshaping six security premise

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Small face reshaping six security premise: Makes the small face reshaping the female are getting more and more, but the reshaping expert hugs regarding this by the anxiety condition. In order to let each position strive for the US success to change the facial features. Slightly arranges suggested that you have a look to make the small face reshaping first six security premise.

First, first chooses the big hospital
The facial features revision is a difficulty quite high orthopedic surgery surgery, at present in domestic can develop this surgery’s doctor quite to be relatively also few, concentrates in the big Specialized hospital or the sanchia hospital. Is quite generally short in my courtyard this kind of surgery time, in the technique bleeds are very few, after the technique, the complication and the surgery risk with in undergoes the general surgery, after the technique, the effect nature, the surgery satisfaction rate reach above equally 98%.

Second, the small face reshaping’s six security premise chooses experienced doctor
Chooses one to have solid orthopedic surgery foundation doctor to be able to reduce the fault rate greatly. Tells doctor you the request, the occupation, the hobby as well as you thought that the beautiful standard, this is very important. Because each person the view is different to US, after the good communication may reduce the technique medical trouble dispute.

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How to hang and tear off wallpaper

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How to hang wallpaper

First with sand paper to the wall pitting polished, even in the back of the CD a good wallpaper brush water, or soak in the moment, so the wallpaper to fully stretch inflation, and then marketed wallpaper special glue, or glue 107 plus 50% water preparation into a brush a thin layer of glue again, put aside, and then brush a thin layer of glue the wall, carefully collage, and pay attention to whether the location pattern of coordination, the final wipe with a damp cloth flat. If air bubbles inside the wallpaper can be used to wear a heavy needle holes in the bubble center, out of the air and then pressed flat, you can eliminate air bubbles. Should start with a less conspicuous corner of the door began to paste. By Zhang paste is completed, the final cut to the upper and lower ends of the excess wallpaper.

How to tear off the wallpaper

Fold a piece of damp cloth with his left hand after the close to the edge of the wallpaper, right hand to take a hot iron on a damp cloth on the ironing, so that the cloth on the water infiltration into the wallpaper, the wallpaper can easily be peeled off.

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Identify construction quality of wallpaper

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① Before the construction, you should unload equipment or attachments that is prominent on the primary surface, make the nail enter the primary surface, paint the coated anti-rust and fill the nails eyes with oil-based putty. Grassroots smear of putty should be a solid firm, not powder, wrinkled skin and cracks.

② The surface of base should be flat, dry, seamless, invisible to the naked eye wall of concave-convex spaces in order to touch the large concave-convex be considered no great pass.

③ Solid, the same color of surface. No air bubbles, hollowing, sand, cracks, Alice edge, wrinkled skin, spots dirt and glue marks.

④ Welds Department designs and patterns to be matched lap should shun light, 1.5 m away from the wall to face no significant Welds.

⑤ Wallpaper and decorative lines, skirting boards, wall panels should connect seamless, angle should be plumb.

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Notes for purchasing metal furniture

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Points should be noted when purchasing mental in the market:
Chrome-plated parts, coating should beautiful and smooth, like a mirror. The coating does not bubble and can not be rust, non-exposed yellow, should not be scratched.
Titanium alloy plated parts, color can not be white, especially reveal the white part. Others are some with chrome plating.
Spray parts, coating non-shedding, no knots, no creasing, and no rust spots. It also needs to be clean and delicate.
Folding metal pipe and riveting part
Metal pipe section, should not be overlapping seam, crack, open welding, pit; curvature can not have creases, arc should be smooth; soldering should not be cold solder joint, leakage welding, welding clothing, pores, residual welding head, burr and shall be polished smooth: smooth wall surface shall be smooth, fluid feel.
Riveting, should be solid not loose rivets should be smooth and round and around without smashing marks or glitches.
Fold, should be combined easy to open and close, but the tight loose, but just right. Folding beds, chairs, stools, sofas, tables, etc. is open, legs should be at the same horizontal plane.

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How to Choose Furniture for Kids’ Rooms B

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Selected tables and chairs children’s books must be in line with ergonomic principles. The size of tables and chairs must be combined with the child’s height, age and body, thus it is useful for their growth. In general, children’s desk of the standard length is 1.1 to 1.2 meters high, 0.76 meters wide and 0.55 ~ 0.6 m; which can basically meet the needs of school-age children Of course, this size do not apply for pre-school or college students.
If you do not want to frequent replacement of the child’s desk, then choose can adjust the lift height of children desk bar, so that you can always be adjusted according to the child’s growth, so that they each have a comfortable learning stage.
As a part of a child’s room, tables and chairs should be selected dissonant. 0 ~ 7 years of age is the development of children’s creative peak, it is best to use bold bright colors to stimulate their curiosity and attention. You’d better abandon the furniture of excessively deep or old furniture and lack of color.
Scientific research shows that within a rather weak character compared with the children, it is appropriate and strong contrasting colors furniture; For hot-tempered children, soft colors elegant furniture are better. However, if you choose an adjustable desks and chairs, more elegant colors are recommended, because for many years to spend with your kids.
If you simply select tables and chairs, you do not choose too fancy shapes, on the one hand it is easy to become obsolete; on the other hand it is also easily disperse the child’s attention so that they can not concentrate on their studies. Of course, if parents feel that the lack of change, we can consider using color and soft to break the boring equipment.

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The Daily Maintenance of Wooden Doors

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1. using a soft cotton cloth wipes when clearing the door’s surface, for a hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface. If there is too much Stain, you can use a neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agent, dry it after cleaning the dirt.
2. Note that the neutral reagents or water soaked cloth should not be placed in the wooden surface for a long time, otherwise it will harm the surface, so that the veneer material of surface will be discoloration or peeling.
3. Note that doors at the edges does not rub too much grinding; otherwise it will create edges peeling paint.
4. If regular activities of the components such as hinge, lock be loosening, you should immediately tighten them, hinge location of the sound should be timely oiling, locks are not flexible and open to the keyhole when adding an appropriate amount of foam pencil can not be lightly grease.
5. If there is partial peeling on the wooden edge, the iron can be used to make it good on a dry cloth pad.

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Experts teach you how to select the four pieces of

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Water Closet
Pay attention to water consumption  and flushing methodbefore buying toilet bowl. Two kinds of of flushing water closets are Washdown and Siphon. Generally speaking, Washdown water closet flushing makes the noise be much bigger and easy to return taste. Siphon water closets are silent ones, the higher water seal and is not easy back to taste.
According to their materials, bathtub can be divided into general steel bathtubs, acrylic bathtub, cast iron bathtub and 3.5mm thick steel bath. In general, ordinary steel tub is easy to clean but single modeling; acrylic bathtub shape rich, but the life is a bit short, and not easy to clean after aging; cast iron bathtub has a long life but high grade, higher prices. What’s more, there is more trouble in handling and installation . Thick steel plate has a long life and easy to install.
To Basin, in addition to modeling, consumers should focus on the most whether the glaze be good or bad, because good glaze does not hang dirty, the surfacewill be easy to clean and after long-term use, the surface is still bright as new. We may face the light to observe from the ceramic multi-angle. A good glaze should be no stains, pinholes, blisters and bubbles, and with a smooth surface.
Pay attention to the quality of the tap valve core, faucets manufactured materials and surface treatment is good or bad when choose a faucet.In addition, its adaptability to water and whether saving water are also very important. The taps are generally used in high-quality imported china trim such as made in Italy and Germany. On Manufacturing materials, the majority of high-grade faucet with brass. In addition, asking the manufacturer to provide quality assurance of the surface coating when purchasing taps, and the warranty period should be no less than three years.

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