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Building collapse in Shanghai

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Building collapse kills one worker in Shanghai

SHANGHAI: A 13-floor apartment building under construction collapsed Saturday morning in Shanghai,killing one worker.

Witnesses said the whole building started to fall down at about 5:30 am on Saturday and a 28-year-old worker surnamed Xiao from Anhui province was buried in the collapse and killed, the Xinhua news agency reported. No other casualties are reported

Zhang Supong, a woman witness across a river to the collapsed building, said her family and neighbors were shocked when they felt the earth shake in the morning.

“It was just like an earthquake,”she told China Daily, adding there was no visual damage in her apartment.

The authorities have ordered suspension of the construction and a thorough investigation of the collapse.

A man, who is in his 30s and declined to be named, told China Daily that he just bought an apartment beside the collapse building and with this accident,he would terminate the contract with the property developers.

The apartment building is at a premium location in Shanghai, about five metro stops from downtown areas, and is sold at a price of 18,000 yuan per sq m.

Local media reported on Friday that some cracks appeared on the anti-flood bank near the collapsed building, but the cause of the cracks was also uncertain.

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Green Dam remote buffer overflow exploit

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“Green Dam” is a software used for monitoring and anti-pornography, popularizing by Chinese goverment. After July 1st, it will be forced to install on all new Chinese PCs.
Now it already has 50 million copies in China.
In order to monitor the URL that user is exploring, Green Dam injected the browser process. When Green Dam is trying to handle a long URL, a stack overflow will occur in the browser process.

This exploit can be used for exploitation on IE, on those computers installed Green Dam.
I used the .net binary to deploy shellcode, for it`s more stable than Heap Spray, and able to bypass DEP and ASLR on Vista.
The exploit page contains a .net control, so it should be published on IIS.

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fang jing spy is really?

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cctv beauty miss fang jing is in trouble, another cctv man Moderator publish a fuck news,say :fang jing is a mil spy, and brongt by police.

in china, fang jing is lovely Moderator, loved by chinese men, but nobody said this is a tattle . china famous site reported,fang jing may be brongt by police only for some survey.

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what is Induction cooker?

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An induction cooker uses a type of induction heating for cooking. A coil of copper wire is placed underneath the cooking pot. An oscillating current is applied to this coil, which produces an oscillating magnetic field. This magnetic field creates heat in two different ways. It induces a current in an electrically conductive pot, which produces Joule (I2R) heat. It also creates magnetic hysteresis losses in a ferromagnetic pot. The former effect dominates; hysteresis losses typically account for less than ten percent of the total heat generated.[1]

It would be possible to build an induction cooker that worked with any conductive pot (for example, an aluminum or copper pot), whether or not the pot was ferromagnetic. But the increased permeability of an iron or steel pot makes the system more practical, by increasing the inductance seen at the drive coil and by decreasing the skin depth of the current in the pot, which increases the AC resistance for the I2R heating. [2] Most practical induction cookers are designed for ferromagnetic pots; consumers are generally advised that the cooker will work only with pots that will stick to a magnet. It would not be possible to build an induction cooker that worked with an electrically insulating (for example, glass or ceramic) pot under any conditions.

Induction cookers are faster and more energy-efficient than traditional cooktops. Unlike traditional cooktops, the pot itself is heated to the desired temperature rather than heating the stovetop, reducing the possibility of injury. Skin can be burned if it comes into contact with the pot, or by the stovetop after a pot is removed. Unlike a traditional cooktop, the maximum temperature in the system is that of the pot, which is much less capable of causing serious injury than the high temperatures of flames or red-hot electric heating elements. The induction cooker does not warm the air around it, resulting in added energy efficiency.

Since heat is being generated from an induced electric current, the range can detect when cookware is removed or its contents boil out by monitoring the voltage drop caused by resistance in the circuit. This allows additional functions, such as keeping a pot at minimal boil or automatically turning off when the cookware is removed.

Induction heating could be considered to have reached mainstream status in the USA when in 2008 Consumer Reports reviewed induction appliances alongside gas and thermal heating. The induction units outscored the other types.

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hotmail can not visit today, china block hotmail and bing

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bing search engine of microsoft is not very lucky , june 4 is china’ block day ,many sites be blocked ,like wikipedia

It is brought to my attention that Hotmail is presently blocked in China. I can access it everyday (I don’t know why, but it just works for me.), but I saw a lot of complains on my old post: Does Hotmail Work in China?. There are 52 comments so far. Why? Because it is the first result for Hotmail China in both MSN Search and Google search.

Well. It seems I need to do a little bit homework to find ways to help people out. Here is my analysis.

The Problem

When you type or, you will receive DNS error, as if the site never existed. You may experience long waiting time, before it reports the error.

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