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Youthful memories: every man period

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  Yes, I would like to tell you, for a like me has been gradually marched into a middle-man, and then on to grow, in many people’s eyes is a ludicrous. The other reason. Do you speak. Maybe you’re right, but I’d still like to say, very often, I do still growing, but also experiencing every man experiences growing. However, do not understand is that the growing period for me how long.

  I have to say, if a man stand this kind of thing is not a glorious things, how wounding self-esteem. So very often, I wondered also were hebetic, and then just grows continuously self-repeating, grows. Around a tall trees are all my rest, but I don’t see them as role model, because I’ll never be them, that is why I’d sooner let oneself, other people’s eyes grow bored. Of course, have to grit my teeth and tormentwhen were hit hard by continuous growth. Yes, a torment. Because you want to keep before tearing ourselves, to break the established, become part of your ideas, thoughts, including your life, love, and you value, selection through the eyes of love. Most importantly you at any time you want to completely change yourself and your world.

  Oh, so called is not very hypocritical? no way, parents’support is a hypocritical the rationalization of the procedures.

  From a friend, you must be a clear understanding of their own, not just what do, and do not easily yourself in an incredibly good. This is only one day to night, chat with friends about emotional about it already, try to tell him so. In fact, called him up the other day, I just want to know that he is in love with someone, do like me single mixed; he committed, as well as State and I? I am more confident on this point, because I’m single time will always be in top condition. The question is, how do I get always single?

  Friends like “ bad ” PROFF of ring-tones, especially recently, emotional life get hungry, Bell will come about if, I know that the growing period starts. I keep asking: I really need this right? I have been in the suppsition’s plan? I give myself an illusion as the hero of a human right? Oh God, you don’t know, these problems over and over again, back and forth what seems to me, apart from a strong heart, as long as they are relaxed, as night follows day, as if it were a loyal dog. But who are willing to be followed where such a pain in the neck of the dog?

  I subsided about himself. The subway, the street, stresson, trying not to let their own thoughts on the State Department, you know this is ludicrous. I stare longin’ is a sweet treat binocular, around somethin’check to attract my attention, but later found every one of my Department, University of the State.

  Is it true that a man’s growth stage are all kinds of stupid things, joke was riddled with m:? I don’t know you, I am. Because of this, I always embarrassing growth stage. However, there are good things that I’ve been weaning, otherwise, God willing to forgive me.

  The cause of the recent work, often reviewing some of the translations, there are two articles let me with great interest. Where an article is to analyze why lovers will love one another.

  Why not?

  You know, but you know what makes them so crazy in love? why those who love they would spare no effort to do silly things, like reconcileherself a fan dance, up to you, up to you since we’ve all winked flirts with a call sign, up to you, and so on, they can come up with every possible thing, crazy to imply that the other party, and then the madman of joy and sorrow.

  Article said that all the love from your brain secretion of niedashui ractpoamine and adrenegic. Oh, the reason I certainly understand, however, why are these hormone when you are faced with everyone so exuberant? I think for a moment, is what we are facing is not one of the men and women, but rather a stimulus, the stimulus for continuous upon the hormones in the body, and then, high tide and low tide, in order to pacify, wateriness, joy and irritation. Unfortunately, “ we and such a person to fall in love is not because the other person is very attractive, but because we fell in love with acanadian before they did very charming. ”

  “ love the biggest problem is that it is not possible to always be right. Although it promised a lot of happiness, it is possible to fool us, in particular, it let us surewe’ve been looking for the right person, and the subversion of our expectation. ” you thought it was his (her) make you so happy? it is not, is your brain make you so happy. So you think you can try to tell those who disprized that they abandon the past toward freshmen? Roger food, it is like you are faced with a cup of wine and jiugui, advised him to put the lid on the bottle cap is impossible.

  See here I have to thankfulto, I swear not to love difficalt, then it is useless.

  There is also an article made me feel like such an interesting place, and let me know, everyone is growing, some, some subjectrather.

  The contents of the article is this:

  “ recently my mother and my step-father and divorced. Since then, she also began to date on the Internet, always an urge to go and meet them. Sometimes first went to see them and ran to a family. Her life; this is how you want to build hurriedlyhid. She has been married over man. So it seems that no man her own life is not the same as the value. I have been persuaded her attitude towards life is self-destruction, but she said she is looking for a good partner or else feel alone. I love my mother, but she needs to understand that if she doesn’t I love this, no one will love her. Have any suggestions? ”

  Oh, I don’t want to set out an expert answer, let hell experts. I would like to say is that his mother is I have ever seen, heard of hokem but most miserable, who is distressed at the mother. Such a love as a woman, how much more valuable than gold. Man is not a she needs, she is in need of warmth and protection. His son to her. He forgot, could it be that he would not be alone and looking for love? we do not have lonelyand will go to strangers do stupid things right off your most intimate?

  Often classified as luck and love, but love, does not require skills and 心计, if a person were dropped because of boring fondparents, this is missed. You should luckythat, “ one door closes, another door will open ”.

  What a 〈autumn thing and the door open, open the øclosing so øclosing, seemed always exist. Forget it, or sell such hopes to, God, and I don’t have to waste time opening the door to close the door. God did not speak to one another, I feel that I need an estimate for you to practice, and that is what is called the continue to grow.

  However, he did not say that I am gonna like farewell farewell as weaning growth stage.

  You can tell me, when I can say goodbye to, and around that become a trees?

  Don’t say you don’t know, in that case, I was so disappointed.

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Weltgeschen Iran, village people, # CN4Iran-free connection washbum push

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evolution is extremely well, last night I had reached a climax. As last time protest against Iran people make network technology, through the village people, YouTube, etc 2.0 media dynamic publishing in any form. In just a few hours, the Iranian revolution (# iranelection) has become a hot topic among one of the village people. Following, is # CN4Iran- Chinese friends pushing toward the support of the protesters. (no code screen shots)

The Iranian people on a free and democratic longingand trying to push the Chinese friends of passion. In the great wall blocking firewall is now, Chinese push friends in a short time the # CN4Iran into the hot topic dengbang, push territories is a spectacle. It even ran across the cameupto Google yesterday’s popular searches the front of the screen shots (no code). In this on behalf of my people and 64 billion Chinese people, thanks to Chinese village in those good too foul language of praise good programmers, as well as village culture/technology promotion of “. ” violence for the migrant workers

It is still in progress, please log in village people concerned about # CN4Iran.

Here’s the on this incident so far of the sorting and analysis.

The Act of pushing the “friends of Iran:

1. Publish the latest news & events
Including networks, cell phones, etc comrmunication control, victims, police, armed forces deployed throughout the country, several of the Embassy of the people’s help on Iran
2. Content integrations
Include text (in English, Farsi, pinyinhome), pictures, videos
3. Liaison with the world
Including Chinese friends thanks to push and encourage China to fight for your freedom, where there is a be repeatedly RT is “ in addition to the revolution, the Chinese people can create anything, they’re now in the village people see us, and on the Learn how we (the general idea) ” and “ come on Chinese, learning from Iran, as well as your free fighting ”. There are a large number of ” and “ “ Thanks xie xie ”.

The Act of Chinese friends to push:

1. Live velory Iran
Includes RT was translated into Chinese, Persian, and even human translation
2. Solidarity with the people of Iran
In the Chinese, English, and in itself, of solidarity with the Iranian people as they regreased
3. Passion is to raise awareness within
Many push friends where ” “ truth village people view, pengpai, Iranian regreased regreased for yourself at the same time, his country for his !

Other sounds

1. Many English friends on # CN4Iran presumption of surprise or doubt
One is the CN4Iran of the list, some people do not understand why the other is the Chinese Government began to impose controls on the Internet, many users to its still break through the blockade, and called the CN4Iran.
2. English-language media such as CNN reports this incident quickly, including # CN4Iran
3. The mainland media slow, a little good
Taiwan push friends foreman kin irony Taiwan some place was known as “ real-time ” “ village of media: kaminoseki dedicated to providing the news of Iran have been boiling boiling Cy Young CY young, some flight information in Taiwan “instant” news website still estate. Information of the time difference in genetic expression (CB) radio at the moment. ”
4. There is also a Japanese friends concerned about the presumption of # Iran/CN4Iran event
5. ……

Summary of comments

1. Village people-in particular, the new technology is terrible ” “ “, ” so Iran election is the first topic village people-2009
Even rumours that village people-in the early part of the time was the Government’s so-called attack is Iran.
But at the same time, the village people-packets, this is it one of the reasons are great. Just as a friend said: the presumption of village people-seal, and sow the meeting tree. 艾未 is not, Mr FUNG is Tiger, long-term 连岳 and others active in the village and the stability of a large number of followers. This shows some of the time, fertilizer and water will anyone other than a field.
But whereas with the Chinese side, the site is difficult to live, not to speak of village people-such a killer, great application.
2. Have a passion for freedom and democracy and oppose the autocracy — any place that people are so
As Iran’s poetry as “ you can destroy the flowers, but you can’t stop the spring’s arrival. Each tree in the flowers you crush, we will. ”
Yes, we are sowing. At this point we are brothers and sisters.
3. In addition to the causes, transmission in the presence of the very important
First of all, the reason that this event was so strongly communication, communication because of its universal are fighting for their fundamental rights.
But was strong in the diffusion of another reason that is feeling is also very important, it means (seconds seconds) an efficient (immediate response) variety (instant pictures, video).
Presence of the other idea is that it seems relevant to you, you easily into the scene. 5000,000, although the relevant information is also not massive, but still. Of course, at that time, the Chinese also village people is not very great, but I think even now one more time, Iran still win, this is because the underlying message level.
4. This Iran on Chinese push great encouragement of friends
I feel that it has strengthened the friends on the presumption of village people-accordiyg as well as on the strong belief of freedom and democracy. At the same time it also provides some useful experience. Washbum (stepped up efforts to push the two countries in the “friends of friendly …)

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Rockin Rollins jump upto google trend ‘top

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great too great, the people 0f us like nfl more than nba, oh,yaoming , Rockin’ Rollins is stronger than you

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Very large breasts ~~by BEI JING GIRL

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I offer sensual touching over every part of your body, using my skillful hands and perfect breasts, and no part of your body will be left untouched. 200910201049389400

I am independent massage provider, dedicated to satisfy your all your desires. Just call me and tell me where your hotel or residence is, and I will make a prompt trip to your place 24/7.

I have nice curve with 34D size breast with silky skin waiting for your touch. Just try once, and I guarantee you will never forget this relaxing and most pleasant experience.

My fee is 300 RMB/hr for sensual oil massage. I’m waiting for your call ! 13911275429

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Welcome to Beijing Massage Fate of Love.

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“Beijing massage” Fate of Love is a premier class 24-hour out call massage service in Beijing. This “beijing massge” is a place solely for gentlemen to relax, have fun and fantasize their dreams.

We are located in the centre of Beijing CBD, and about 5 mins from China World hotel by Taxi. Do you need our’s beijing massage services?

Beijing massage Fate of Love much more than a luxury treatment that makes us feel good. China Girls Escort Agency girls look forward to helping you relax and unwind. Let our escorts take you to places you’ve never experienced… The  “Beijing massage girls” can’t wait to meet you. You can enjoy full hour of pleasure massage or more of incredible feeling all over your body. with aromatic oils, warm candles and mystical \music. You will get total stress relieve after your long day from work and you will screamed with pleasure’s “beijing massage”!

Beijing massage Fate of Love simply stated simply is a patterned touch. We might say a caress is unpatterned touch. Which you choose to give or to receive depends on the mood. Be open to either. Both heal. Both nurture. Both excite. If you choose to caress, choise one of Fate of Love Massage Girls Best t from Our Beijing Escorts Gallery, close this website and enjoyMassage in Beijing. During the massage, either or both of you might feel pleasure. You might fall asleep. You might burst out in laughter or in tears. You might or might not have pleasure before, during, or after. However, should \ or other become the goal, you might miss many other pleasures. Wait for each moment each feeling to unfold itself. \ “beijing massage” is an art when you express yourself with sensitivity with awareness. Let Our touch discover without demands without expectations. Are you in Beijing? Beijing Massage Fate of Love – is your choice!!!

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Welcome to Wonderfull Massage!

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Our company and service center provid best serve for u. Our masseues offer:health. that they are well-qualified and completely safe. we girls are 18-26 years old.the height 158cm-172cm.goodlooking.young.pretty & lovely. excellent masseues from offic girls or universty . doing part time job 24hrs straight to your hotel or home. Will give you gentleman to have a nice dream and enjoyable journey with the pisson girl.
Our girls are pretty and elegance with a soft hand that will fill your greatest desire in all situations. Our masseues are pretty, friendly, elegance, well educated, fluemt English speaking professional including some office executive and models and fun to be with. It’s nice to know that in our massage world you’ll get more than just yr imagine . It is an superb service from our preties who are elegant,charming,slim,tall,beautiful, we selected our girls carefully.

We offering a reasonable value for money service and discretion is assured! The performance of girls are outstanding and extremely service-oriented. Here,busty lady,hot looking girls that was slim and sexy.beautiful legs,soft skin with nice long wavy hair and Riller smile for your choice. All of them have completed a full training course on the art of sensual massage.
It is sensual, relaxing and pleasurable. Total satisfaction and discreetness are guaranteed. They will give you supreme energy with their soft touch and sweet sensuality. In a time when the sun sets over the roofs of skyscrapers and you get back to your hotel room or apartment worn out after a long day of tiresome work or maybe after ceaseless sightseeing and shopping, you are feeling like you would rather appreciate a nice female companion This is exactly what Wonderful Massage is for you! You can call Advance, as long as you leave the room or contact numbers, we can come fast!

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Surgical repair of virtual kidneys man is more exercise drills

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Into a person’s body, and renal intensity.When the cold weather, the human body needs to have enough energy and heat to 御守, where it will be weak, as a result of insufficient ” “ firepower, appear in panic, dizziness, shortness of breath, lumbar debility, due to weak, incontinence symptoms such as anuria or, which is a kidney Yang.There are also of the body fluid deficit less moisturizes, 濡养 functions, clinical manifestations and waist for body wastes away to debility, dizziness, tinnitus dryness of the mouth of the pharynx dry, hot flashes, night sweats, zygomatic red at night to urinate short yellow, and so on, this is the weight reducing false.

Kidneys to correct it by many virtual methods.How to get a suntan, such as multiple food calories and invigorating the high and the kidney-food, clothing, invigorating the kidney and so on.But from the sporting ” “ this theory of basic, kidneys to correct it by deficiency should be advocated in the positive measures.Here, the kidneys of several helps to correct it by deficiency and simple, easy movement.


There are two waist Massage practice drills

One or two palms on the Palm of the hand rub together to put the heat, to waist, Palm up and down to the skin, to massage her waist, sensation.May morning and night again, about 200 times in each of the times.This exercise will air invigorating the kidney.

2. comments on board his hands clenched fist, arms with two thumb joint projecting parts, natural massage at lumbar eye do ring rotating massage, gradually exertion, as well as 胀感 acid, about 10 minutes of continuous massage, the early and middle and late one.

In the Prefecture of lumbar kidneys of lumbar eyes made, you can control the massage in the elderly because of the slow renal deficiency caused by muscle strain, back pain, and so on.

A man of kidneys ” “ method

Into a person’s body, and renal intensity.When the cold weather, the human body needs to have enough energy and heat to 御守, where it will be weak, as a result of insufficient ” “ firepower, appear in panic, dizziness, shortness of breath, lumbar debility, due to weak, incontinence symptoms such as anuria or, which is a kidney Yang.There are also of the body fluid deficit less moisturizes, 濡养 functions, clinical manifestations and waist for body wastes away to debility, dizziness, tinnitus dryness of the mouth of the pharynx dry, hot flashes, night sweats, zygomatic red at night to urinate short yellow, and so on, this is the weight reducing false.


脚心 massage

Chinese doctors believe, supine through renal, 脚心 feet at law is vitiated air drop in place.Often massage supine, to yijingbushen, health, prevent premature decay, and are able to promote shuganmingmu, on the “kidneys” sleep causing dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, hemoptysis, nasal congestion, headache, and so on have certain effects.脚心 massage by daily go bathe feet, and then wipe each other with their hands after using your left hand heart massage right heart massage 脚心 your right leg, for example, more than 100 at a time to chafed feet.This method has the kidneys of nourishing yin and effects in the elderly in went the common virtual drastically.

Kidneys calisthenics: complemented kidneys, semen, Zhuang meridians lumbar knee,

1. natural Sultan Mahmud on his legs apart, shoulder width, hands elbow-side up, finger, and ears.Then, lifting his hands to have two ribs felt to degrees, then that will determine the restoration.Continuously do 3 to 5 times to once again that the discretion to do daily for three to five times.Do the action before the whole body Yi to relax.When you breathe in hand-lift, restoration, and expiratory force would not be appropriate, too hard and too large.This action can exercise, accessibility and channels while providing gas vested in old age, dantian, frail, shortness of breath to have effect.

2., loosen the Sultan Mahmud on his belt and take off their clothes, a hand chafed, situated at the top and bottom rubbing his waist, until the mill sensation on his waist.This method can warm the kidney-kin, waist, waist of mingmen du channel, as well as the bladder, kidney Yu Yu Kuo-hwa, sea gas dachangshu, and so on, I took these sensory systemic fever, strong with kidney, relax and activating waist, and so on.

3. both feet together, his hands crossed by taking a step, and then on the lift, bent down, his hands could, in turn, squatting with his hands Tuck, ” “ blowing the meditation but do not make a sound.So, you can do more than 10 consecutive.

4. the Sultan Mahmud on his left elbow-and-drop, two legs, his right elbow, palms, do parabolic action 3 to 5 times.Do parabolic action hand polishing up empty slightly faster action, when you breathe in hand thrown expiratory that the reinstatement.The effect of this action and is the same as the first action.

5. the Sultan Mahmud on his legs and slowly make their first natural pendulous body rotation around three to five times.Then, two more than 10 foot forward swing at times, but according to their physical strength, depart.Do the action when action should be relaxed, natural, mitigation, turn the body trunk, are advised to maintain integrity pitching.This action can be active, lumbar spinal yishen strong knee, often practise this action, lumbar, knee and preserved the exercise on the kidney

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Simple four steps in the century tender muscle easily accomplished

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Some people say that 25 years after a woman’s skin will go downhill, each year.In fact, we can still be seen some 30 or even 40-year-old in the century’s skin can bloom out as if it were like 20 years old.Next, look at a selection of the small knitting in the century tender muscle four steps!

First, on a regular basis to help skin scrub thorough cleaning.

As he grew older, slow down metabolism, skin dead would be relatively easy.If the skin is too thick stratum corneum becomes dark in the century quaint, children can be easily turned into wives, so scrub this session is absolutely not overlook! 熟龄 skin due to the stratum corneum loss of water, so it should be easy to pick out some comparing the effects of the moisturizing, emollient excellent scrub product.

Recommended products: performance grass set facial scrub matte gel


Product brief: products contain the essence of Chinese herbal medicine, rhodiola herbs and mild, of which are contained in the mild natural maize particles from the horny facial skin aging, the active ingredient rhodiola better enhance the vitality of the skin, balance in the metabolism of facial skin cells, often the skin clean, smooth the tender, the recovery has a fine texture.

Why: traditional Chinese medicine formula, scrub at the same time there is still a little bit.Although this is matte gel, but there are particles, the slightest stimulation and moisten the effect, use face sliding slippery.

Second, constantly to skin moisturizing emollient

Many women only about whitening, antioxidant, nursing of the crease, and so on without supplying water to the skin, in exchange for a bleak pale face.If you want to have a healthy skin, in addition to choose the suitable for different functions of care products to water injection for skin, remove the skin due to lack of water, healthy cutaneous tissue, I use other features of the product before use collagen of nursing, skin.

Recommended products: Biotherm Ultra Moisturizing Vera

Product descriptions: each containing a unique blend of Himalayan pink salt is precious and pure ingredients, it can start the skin’s natural moisture retention factor and activate cell metabolism and moisture capacity. Rich in 5000L “from mineral extraction of mineral springs Shu PETP live factor”, able to stabilization of relaxing and skin, and activated cell.

Why: the collagen comfortable with fresh aromas absorption good, enduring effects on t-zone out oil level can also be expected to improve!

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Forever young loved Antiaging massage

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Loved just try it! 5-10 minutes every day, return to your skin will be longer Oh!

STEP1 drive away double chin

The fingers in his Chin sites, the following bars on the center of the executing push slippery.

STEP2 to the applied to the ear where you

STEP3 build muscle in the pink

Hands up attached to the lower edge, her cheeks to finger back close to your skin, move step by step to the ears, since nearly all the presumption of sliding on both sides.

STEP4 toxin moment OUT

The direction in which to parallel the bending of the finger back stuck to the cheek.

STEP5 fingers gently gripped her cheeks from Temple place over, to do three round.

STEP6 stimulation, from which a

Close to the curved fingers on either side of the Chin, notebook since meat on her face, along the face towards the direction of since his ears.

STEP7 until close to the ears, fingers ninety degrees rotation directly used for the examination of knuckle stimulation.

Recommended anti-aging stock keeping unit 1: Christian Dior in inverse spatio-temporal skin covered three night repair caused by NGAN essence 880 element/30ml

Inverse spatio-temporal striving for excellence in yen-induced skin series offers showcases the talents of women in the 21st century the crease-repair results to an innovative new technology, the implementation of the miraculous wrinkle-resistant.By stem cell research and precise measurement of stem cells from the law, day and night activity Dior Dior will directly into innovative formula, to give skin a continuous 24 hours a day Repair wrinkle-resistant perfectly.

Recommended anti-aging stock keeping unit 2: Mark Rhapsodies 兰黛 miracle I caressed the crease-$ 980/50ml complex


Velvet smooth texture of the Qing dynasty, with flexible to Molly, Yao and the rose fragrance, instant of plants, a miraculous miracles traces erase, reproduce the flexibility, compact, leave no trace of whitening treatment of smooth, even if the tire of the day, still sparkles.For best results, we recommend that each day and evening after the conditioning cleanser for use when Huan-mining cream condensate SPF15/emulsion 15 or elastic to compact and rejuvenating supple skin cream to late 15 and SPF15/emulsion. Department of Dermatology and eye doctor test, suitable for all skin types, generates do not cause acne

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Oranges in February of thin 20 catties of weight loss secret

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Oranges are also able to let you have, be a skinny beauty! Orange diet to help you lose weight fast-acting, healthy weight-loss! want to be skinny beauty’s come take a look at this simple quick weight loss diet of oranges! together health lose weight!

Orange bright color Yen , skin thin juicy, sweet and sour nutrition delicious, the volume containing dimension C higher fruit.Is the current market out of the most popular green fruit, it is primarily a Navel orange, Orange, blood orange rock candy and 士橙 American novelty, they all the same weight-reducing effect for our free choice.Their level of maturity for each of the 3-minute in November, oranges, let us once, a thin on Earth!

Oranges are referred to as ” “ healing, 佳果, rich in vitamin c, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, beta-carotene and citric acid, hesperidin and aldehydes, alcohol and substance leukotrienes, etc.Orange Multifiber low cards, with natural sugar, instead of a dinner or candy, cakes, cookies, and so the best choice for dessert, Aeromonas sweet and had to lose weight to oranges to satisfy your sweet desires.Along with oranges, rich in fiber has helped a number of food which can reduce the accumulated toxic.

No.The daily diet of oranges 1

After getting up breakfast drink 1 cup plus a small amount of warm water, salt and then eat one egg + 1 bowl of porridge.

Lunch 1 Bowl vegetable soup + 1 piece + 1 bowl of rice.Afternoon are hungry and have 1 orange juice 1 cup or.

On the evening of 1 disc vegetarian dishes + 1 bowl of rice.1 hour after eating one of oranges.

People in many different ways can be above, whether you order to lose weight or to keep fit! vegetables can be matched according to their own preferences, but try not to eat more food oil , also need to get some extensor extensor arm and leg to create enduring slim!

Suitable for people: particularly suitable for the orange peel-obesity in mm.

Experience: a reader’s sister so ” “ suck and found myself in two weeks is not only the thin, but also more glossy! want to be beautiful you don’t try it really is a pity!

No.Single-acting 2 oranges weight loss

A breakfast of eggs and tomatoes, a cup of freshly squeezed juice.

Lunch and a bowl of steaming eggs, tomato soup 1 bowls, a 鲜橙.

Afternoon tea is a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Dinner cooked egg tomato a, an, a 鲜橙.

In adopting this weight when I had better not eat other kinds of food, drink clear water.Between meals can be combined with a glass of freshly squeezed juice or a vegetable salad.In addition, this menu is available only for four days, and then stop after two weeks.Stop by the time you can green vegetables and fruit.

Suitable for people: to quickly downsized sisters were all appropriate.

Experience: a pretty woman in the Editorial Department together with the adoption of white vinegar, this method two months lost 20 catties, amazing speed and let us make you thin, so now recommend to my sisters.Remember to refrain, fat off quickly.

No.3 oranges health weight loss soup

Orange single health weight loss

Raw materials: Orange Ginger l000 grams, 50 g, sandalwood, 25 grams of salt in the late 20 g, the late 50 g of licorice.

Practice: Orange potatoes cut for Tablet, ginger slices, and then fried with water, and after 30 minutes you can put in more spice.

This soup can Foom Qi, elimination of obesity.Taking 1 Bowl at a time, three times a day.In taking this soup to keep the joy, the whole body is feeling the best sweating.

Suitable for people: mm medium obesity.

Experience: I put the formulation presented to a company’s , it is said that beauty, together with five MM.Two months ‘ time, there are three lost 15, a 12-Jin, an 8-Jin.It seems that this comparison also weight-reducing effect.

: the cause of obesity and digestive disorders and accumulation of , waste and fat.Acid-base equilibrium can improve the body’s digestion, absorption, metabolism and excretion system, but that there must be aware of before eating food is acidic and alkaline or neutral.Orange and which it before or on an empty stomach consumed of organic acids contained oranges will boost the stomach gastric mucosa.Oranges within 1 hour before and after do not drink milk because the protein in milk will be solidified encountered, affecting the alpha hydroxy acid digestion and absorption of

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