Paris Hilton in the bath vedio

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Paris Hilton in the bath vediohotel paris

No matter how hard Paris Hilton tries removing all ‘filth’ around her in this latest bubble bath tape, but it seems she would never come out with a clean image…….at least not in this century.

Once again Paris has made into the headlines with her new sex tape. The tape showing nude Paris having ‘fun’ in bath has made its way to the internet. The video released by can now be seen on YouTube. The sexy babe has exposed her all assets as she bathes in a huge soap tub and takes a showerhead bath.

bah edited

It is assumed that the video got discovered when the heiress forgot to pay the rent on her storage vault. All I am eager to know is whether it’s Rick Salomon or someone else, who shared the bath with Paris and shot her like this?

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