Bobybuilding — makingof — physicians’accomplishment Academy at the woman

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1: bobybuilding — makingof — physicians’accomplishment school for local women.

2:Dr-virtue — — — — recuperation and sustain and improve the quality of life of the cake.

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A bobybuilding — makingof — physicians’accomplishment school for local women.

We strive to achieve a professional bodies have a woman take great care to nurses’body formhe and perfect, weight, waist circumference and across the chest and the waist to hip ratio is close to the ideal, is close to outsidelaw. There was and elegant, amorism high-quality free woman.
We strive to achieve, by the most professional body training for female friend implementation body, body weight, temperament, and so on have changes, so that every woman to become works of art at lingdong, and let your body and body language to beautiful and charming elegant appearance and how she ended up!


The physicque decided in today’s society, the image! is a very competitive brand era, becoming the professional image of awakening career development and an important brand contact few and it alone is not enough, you need a elegant form and perfect staffof! Chemisette nurses’body and makingof has become a core competence, a sound is more successful, happyer, let’s change .

Xunzheng our ryongwang method Is a set of formal professional training methods, this one is by a dance nurses’body teachers’structure it quite a bit of the world’s most professional ballet actor’s training style and Chinese scholars of Chinese classical dance rhyme and modern dance in the air of professional training techniques, as well as numerous traditional and contemporary collection of bobybuilding of the propositionhas of training models, the advantages of forming the formal rigour to the art of learning system, combines human mechanics, body engineering, the science of Orthopaedics, footprint, aesthetics, human aesthetic, cultural and artistic research in various disciplines of formal professional research method.

Students use most formal professional body training, accurate reconstruction of the training methods of the physicque, directedagainst body dissatisfaction with the site target factored training carried out directly on the physicque and reconstractive youngsters’adaptation, and physicque direct hit close to home, the problem of achieving fundamental effects, remodeling standard beautiful lines, improvement of congenital muscular nurses’body. We are committed to our curriculum only the professional teaching, we try, try, by dancing body training years of fitness coaches when, on improving the physicque at the same time, so you can learn the art of essnce. Really let you art elegant Palace.


Our philosophy:
Standards body is thin charm? the purpose is to lose weight? how beautiful measurements curve shape?
In fact, the vast majority of women for various reasons do not discontentwith the physicque, which gave them life and career have you brought a lot of trouble, but nurses’body is exercisesto by the physicque so that it is perfect or even perfect. Today, the physicque study in Europe and America are not limited to, the general concept of weight loss, she has developed a set of strict discipline system.

In fact, each person’s body has its own unique charm, how to get to explore our unique others’advantages nurses’body make up for our weaknesses? how many training courses available in the market and traditional training methods, aerobics, yoga, instruments, nor to the problem of insufficient body defect critical posteriorparts cannot be weighed down with real change, body fat, pinch an inch thick, it’s not enough curve measurements, Linglong concaue-chloroben-p)(i)(b)-leg, leg, shoulder X, hump-back, the neck is short, and short legs, long claws, and so on. Change some skinny beauty, but not concave waist circumference, which accentuates ” “ S does not make a curve?

In fact, we may achieve wasn’t special meet modern model standard ratio. For example, we pass the lumbar sturdy weight loss methods, even if the obvious, but the proportion remains unchanged in the waist line has not changed, it is not possible to lose weight for this amount would be some drawbacks to the site, you can only get rid of along with the other with consumption of calories. There are many variations on the market in the face of the weight loss means to improve the means of the physicque, for those of us engaged in the physicque of researchers’conflict, I think that a certain amount of this is true and not really up to the physicque and restriking correctmy on. For example: calishenics; may be to burn fat and lose weight, but not for the physicque to the satisfaction of local it is effective. And a single jump, explosive force is too strong, and can even lead to muscle lines are too bulky (large) loss of muscle mass of female lines long slender muscles. Yoga, while focusing on the breath, internal adjustments and students’pliability of the body, but we believe that training is too slow, a single, very few in the near future can be achieved if the weight-bearing combined instrument training just for the training of difficulty and intuitive sense ” “ training, didn’t waste money, it’s really better than them. It not only fails to make your attitude to become ancient trees, on the contrary it is easier for spinal curvature of the spill-over “. In the case of a dumbbell exercises can be a part of the muscles, but on the physicque of straightenup and hymenoplastic effect is not very large.

For those of us women who are too developed muscles, undermined the women in the first weight, slim “on account of, nor is it what we are after aesthetic, while other aerobic fitness in a manner we consider that the role of some burning fat, not really improve the role of physicque, on the improvement of local line shape does not have any effect. In fact, the real figure training concept is changing our own nurses’body and prevention as the time goes by, the female reproductive physiology nurses’body hard to not aging.

The nurses’body muscle reform headed to the Institute of traditional and modern aesthetics and endorsed by the standing waist efforts, you will proceed to a skeleton of, such as plevic and lumber, real change from the face of a woman. How long a as in; how his leg, long, what the neck, how to solve the double chin, how narrow waist circumference, how to make the posteriorparts. And so on. At the same time we also bad attitude and bodv mandiblar, the Elimination of all kinds of life and habits of bad posture, gradually and bodv formhe, perfect. In our daily lives, each of us has his own lifestyle and characteristics of the form their own unique posture and body shape and form a certain problem; also we sit long’s strength of office workers of muscle aches and pains, lumbar disc herniation, headache, back pain, often, and women disorders a series of physiological problem.

Caducity ” “ women persisted regardless of the skin, as a young man, but the physicque of caducity and caducity we are forms of predicamentby of edwardsiella correctingstudents’papers, posteriorparts, and SAG of staring eyes, it discloses our age, physicque and restriking “ improvement and correction of the physiology and how ” how to achieve the status of women in the resistance and postponent of the physicque of Physiology and morphology of aging, resolve in daily life, and each person because of his lifestyle and characteristics of the formation of its own unique posture and body, formed by the physicque problems, such as an office worker who is sitting up of muscle aches and pains, lumbar disc herniation, headache, back pain, often, and women disorders a series of questions. In particular, the great society now office workers because of competitive pressure, air, chemical field, hormone meat, radiation, environmental pollution, pesticides are our early modern women’s health and the dangers of premature aging body types, we women have become increasingly violent temper, apathetic, her face yellowish tone, firm, and scholars believed the mind, body and physiological problems accumulate we nurses’body the caducity.

The formal study, women insist on the physicque, the nurses’body and exercise physiology to young 10 — 20-year-old. The fingeredby the correct methodology is very important. Regulation of the body and blood, and the various accupoint, threadof, paidu, 浊气, for the way to achieve the body and blood and threadof mechanism of action of the CIS. From the physiological, here, to the change of mentality, and have a new look, a new man, as well as resolve office workers cervical muscle aches and pains, lumbar disc herniation, headache, back pain, often, and women disorders a series of questions. We not only make a knife on the physicque and reconstractive rectfiction of turning over a new, really deep changes in a woman, from the women’s makingof connation, there was also a fascination with etiquette has deep deep research, and physiological state health state is 1,057.4 and adjustmentment, attainment of: relax. This is the physicque hymenoplastic of youngsters’adaptation, renovation of indispensable practice trick or treat “rivers, so-called rhyme: (connotation of the rhyme, emphasizing the idea of breathing, body) retenting and quitessence and anticipatingand the theory of art of rhyme, the rhyme is flavor and taste, that’s what we’re talking charm, morphology and temperament. At the same time this rhyme is also combined with the traditional Chinese medicine in ancient China the mechanism and the essence of ancient Indian Yoga, breath survive, proper breathing, regulation, each point of the body of the dredge, and threadof, paidu, 浊气, to achieve the body and blood and threadof mechanism of action of the CIS.


Fengqign at the same time in line with the practice: (Latin fengqign, belly dancing, a wild, another interborder elegant appearance), modern beauty of the wild: a fashionable and sexy, combined with the training of Chinese and Western elements, features a amorism woman.
Gait (fashion model stage of training) and emotional feeling that minutes late lihe ch’i-p’aos and a number of occasions feel emotional fashion together, overall personal manner according to let women, attitude of harmony.
Women’s cultural and artistic temperament, Chairman of ccpcc and the connation women grade education, Ning and disposition of its interest in combination, the creation of more intellectual talks on women’s psychological problems, grandbroad, stabllaing and connation of the combination of high-quality educational one women are perfect for women in modern society. Physicque from 骨子, completely makingof, connation, etiguette, there’s even more important is the attitude of life. Let others and you feel your divine babe, let our course gomenasaiwhat of the woman he wanted to settle. Let the whole world of vivid, such as bath the tenderness of the Moon, in the face of difficult, camly, inside the charm.
Art appreciation, tea art, jie’gynecologic songci Tang poetry, music appreciation, combined with some knowledge of lectures such as keeping in good health and diet. Demeanor, etiquette: physicians’accomplishment manner, (business etiquette, and so on), to the accompaniment of Chinese traditional culture, tea ceremony, chess road, porcelain, jade, calligraphy, painting qianziwen apprfciating explain, etc. Such as: art appreciation, tea art, jie’gynecologic songci Tang poetry, music appreciation, as well as the creation of more intellectual lecture, explaining the problem of women’s psychological make-up and costumes, the color techniques and so on. Mental health and human relations, and so on.

Quiet environment of visually stunning, elegant atmosphere of art and culture, “the wise, keeping in good health and life of statically determinate, lmpressions, annotato burliness, high-quality female tea art, 佳茗, opest, Kam-lam of the famous ancient poetry listening to and singing Kun Opera, fuhe guzheng, statically determinate continuity in our life, in the experience of nature and man of art, culture, professional change our body, and life State, enhance progress together!
(Note this phase of the course curriculum course will be held one after another) looking forward to our next issue more courses, such as clothing, nurses’body, characters’combining. )。
One after another, will be more great pride.
Registration centres: World Trade Center, Beijing, China-shuangjing 富力城 A6 502 room. Metro line 1, go under the World Trade Center station, line 1 and get off at station shuangjing station, A departure that is 富力城. Of the enrollment phone: 13466635361, 135â-8194-9199. Consulting: especially poetry ya teachers (Note: the application must be booked, in order to guarantee the quality of teaching, course number 20. )
Our pledge:
At the beginning of the training, we are serious about on each participant to carry out regular surveys to find the best of each faculty and muscle the girth of the physicque State, the individualized needs of every learner records, physical parameters
And the physicque video study to measure: the formulation of integrated programmes for each participant achievements of his own beauty.
Through video, carefully carried out research to find each participant at the same time the most perfect body State faces the most appropriate approach, developing strong points directly to the change the way we behave,
Bad indecent gestures to the most beautiful attitude presents.
First phase of the women’s training school is about to start new classes, in order to promote our courses, we are now on the priority application offer discount per time period have class,
Be sure to sign up for the telephone booking in advance. Statement: our courses has been applied for intellectual property protection, denial-of-toshitoki, liability for chilled and frozen shall be investigated.

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